Transforming a house into a home

Transforming a house into a home

Driving around Luxembourg, you could be forgiven for thinking that many of the new apartment developments look similar. The desire to maximise space whilst minimising the environmental impact has led to architects and builders using cubic designs with rigid corners. This in turn has meant that many apartments need to have the human touch added after you move in.

So what can you do to transform those cold walls into a welcoming home?

Lighting! Whatever the condition of your apartment, we find that 95% of the time the lighting can be improved. Try using directional table top lamps to illuminate corners, or replace the blinding overhead fluorescent bulbs with lower, softer lighting to make your rooms feel cosier.

Floors! That parquet flooring may have been a feature when you first moved in, but trust us the sooner you find a rug the better, not only will it warm your room but it will keep the downstairs neighbours happy too, by reducing your late night footsteps.

Personalisation! Use your walls to remind you of happy times with pictures and photos. Symmetrical or non-symmetrical layouts depending on the size of room. Choose a layout that enhances the sense of depth in the space you are creating. Also, use photos and objects resting on surfaces to communicate to friends what you love about life.

Storage! There is a difference between clutter and creativity. If your window sills and tables are filled with things that should have been thrown away or paperwork that should have been filed, it’s time for a clean out. Don’t delay, all of your main visible surfaces should have carefully selected features, not last year’s bank statements, pens that don’t work or unidentifiable plastic items!

Allocate some time and just be implementing the simple steps above, you will be able to make the transformation of house into home!

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