Valuation of property

Prior to any sale an accurate estimation of its value is critical. We combine the latest market data for similar properties within an appropriate geographical proximity with our inside knowledge of what clients are offering elsewhere in the market. The correct value will take into consideration more than just market forces but also the timeframe in which a seller wishes to sell and the psychology of what a potential buyer is willing to pay.

An understanding of regulation has also become increasingly important especially with regard to energy efficiency and the energy passport. We assist sellers in getting their property ready and buyers to ensure that properties meet current regulations.

Selling a property

Whether you are selling an apartment, a house, a commercial building or land for building, they all require the support of a professional who understands the current market conditions.

At Fare we offer

  • Personalised advice on all parts of the sale process including secondary issues that can be triggered by a sale.
  • A valuation that you can trust and that is fair!
  • Expert analysis of the laws and regulations governing all parts of the sale process
  • A partnership to escort you step by step through the whole process. We are here for your peace of mind.

Renting a Property

Are you looking to rent a property in an ideal location? Houses, apartments, studios, furnished or unfurnished. Do not hesitate to contact us to discover our extensive catalogue of properties or we can search on your behalf for the perfect solution.

  • We have a large choice of properties, updated on a daily basis.
  • Allow us to analyse your needs to help you to refine your criteria in the context of what Luxembourg has to offer.
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