The risks of private renting

The risks of private renting

The concept of renting privately may at first seem attractive. “Save on the agency fees” is a common marketing strategy which you can see on some Facebook pages, however renting privately comes with its own risks.

  1. Does the person renting the apartment have permission to do so? Frequently tenants try and sub-rent rooms, but unless the contract says that they can, they are prohibited form doing so.
  2. Scammers! One strategy used by fake landlords is to communicate via email that you have to pay a reserve fee up front just to visit the apartment. It might seem tempting because the pictures look good, but don’t do it! It’s a scam. Nobody should ask you to pay to visit
  3. Contracts. When it comes to sign a contract, you need to know your rights whilst at the same time be aware of the commitments you are making. Working with an agency means you have someone to explain all sides of the contract, so you don’t make a bad deal.
  4. Negotiations. Working with an agent means that they have a clear idea if the owner will be flexible on price, avoid the stress of having to negotiate directly, and let us do that for you.

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