Special Designated Areas for Luxury Properties in Malta


Special Designated Areas for Luxury Properties in Malta

Also known as Lifestyle Developments, Special Designated Areas (SDAs) in Malta allows both EU and non-EU individuals to buy luxury properties in Malta. SDAs were made by the Government, as an incentive for foreign investors to purchase a certain type of exclusive developments and properties in Malta. However, properties outside SDAs, are also no less desirable and often have quality surroundings with a high return on the investment.

Such individuals purchasing in SDAs are not limited to the number of properties they can buy in Malta, moreover, they will be allowed to buy properties with same purchasing rights as a Maltese citizen. Once the property is purchased, the owner has the freedom to lease the property as desired.

In the SDAs, you can find some of the most luxurious properties available in Malta with the opportunity to experience comfort, elegance, convenience, and accessibility to some of the top locations. Some of the SDAs in Malta include;

  • Portomaso, St Julian’s
  • Tigne point, Sliema
  • Fort Cambridge, Sliema
  • Madliena Village

Luxury Real Estate Market in Malta

The market for luxury real estate in Malta is evolving and has been growing significantly. A number of luxury hotels and exclusive lifestyle developments put Malta on the map for being one the leaders in the high-end real estate sector. Furthermore, increases in high net worth individuals and ample corporate incentives contributed highly to the growth in the real estate sector. Malta became attractive as a destination both for business and leisure.

If you are considering relocating to and/or purchasing property in Malta, visit Welcome Center Malta. You can find ample articles about all the aspects of living and doing business in Malta. You can also find a lifestyle section featuring the leisure side of island.

WCM also assists individuals and companies relocating to Malta. Some of their main services include corporate, blockchain and luxury services. Furthermore, they have an extensive portfolio for luxury properties in Malta.

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