Practice makes perfect


Practice makes perfect

This week Luxembourg welcomes some of the worlds greatest show jumpers

The annual Réiser Päerdsdeeg, held from the 20th to the 23rd of June includes both amateur and professional competitions, building up to the “Grand Prix du Luxembourg” held on Sunday the 23rd.

But what does it take to be a successful showjumper. A study conducted in 2013 concluded that elite riders stress the importance of mental skills and relevant attitude more than amateur riders. Amateur riders tend to focus very much on external events, while the elite rider says ‘No, no, you need to come back to yourself, to your own emotional strength’.

Show jumpers also benefit from longevity, as this study also concluded that the longer you participate, the better your skills can become. How riders can improve their psychological state was also touched upon by Dr Wolframm: “The more time you give yourself in the practice ring, the more time you give yourself as a rider, the greater the chance also your mental skills will improve, which will eventually also help you to improve your performance.”

Many famous riders also comment that what makes the difference is your state of mind towards the obstacles. “Never be fearful but fix your mind towards the goal and the horse will sense your confidence and take you there.”

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